Select a question to get help:

Request a team meeting to discuss the problem. We can develop solutions before the meeting.

Yes. The public school district offers services to students who meet eligibility criteria.

This is related to your student’s needs, and parents are part of the process to determine FAPE (Free and Appropriate Public Education). The team may need a plan to address skill regression or get services that were not provided during remote learning (known as recovery or compensatory services).

Call a team meeting to discuss your concerns. Have information ready to support your position, request school data, and know what to ask for to get results; this is where I come in!

I certainly can! I will explain the wording, test scores, and data in user-friendly terms.

They don’t necessarily have to. I know this can be disconcerting, so let’s discuss ways to get your child’s needs met.

Ask for a meeting agenda where time is built in for your feedback and questions.

Maybe. We should talk about whether it adversely impacts their education.

This should be tailored to your student’s specific needs. A laundry list of general accommodations (e.g., check for understanding every 3 minutes, read all words written anywhere aloud to the student) is unnecessary and impossible to uphold. I will give you individualized accommodations for your student.

No, it does not, though I can help you write the request.

  1. Comprehensive knowledge of disabilities and eligibility requirements
  2. Thorough understanding of school systems and procedures
  3. Knowledge of educational law
  4. Ability to facilitate productive meetings
  5. Professional demeanor and ethical practices
  6. Excellent organizational skills
  7. Solution-focused mindset with a focus on what is best for the child
  8. Prosocial skills to treat others with kindness and humility
  9. Continued willingness to learn and keep up with changes in education
  10. Strong negotiation and conflict resolution skills. Meeting preparation should not involve choosing the type of armor you’re going to wear in the upcoming battle! Good advocates try to forge a collaborative relationship wherever possible and remove barriers preventing agreement between parties.